To preserve and disseminate Africa´s Cultural Heritage
by smart media and interactive technology

To use state of the art technology to gather, aggregate, and disseminate compact information pertinent to the preservation of Africa´s vast cultural heritage - from Africa and around the world- and to make this information accessible via smart media to young Africans, thus enabling them ( and the rest of the world) to appreciate Africa´s contribution to the world´s cultural patrimony.

In a close PPP partnership between African nations and the private sector the creators of this project will develop a number of “Micro-Projects” per country, each one of them focusing on a specific facet of the country´s cultural patrimony.
Each of these modular content-units consists of an ensemble of highly integrated small information blocks, encompassing visually condensed narratives, professionally edited video-clips ( up to 3 minutes), top photographic source material and composited content, aerial footage ( where applicable), audio documents, all complemented by texts edited by experts .
During the initial phase of the project one to two countries by cardinal geographical region of the continent will take on a pilot-function with 15-20 such “Micro-Projects” per nation.

From the narrations of the Elders to an
interactive narrative fitting in the palm of your hand:

To discover and to remain connected to the spiritual sources and cultural roots
of their native and ancestral patrimony.

Coming to you from


Award-winning creator of large scale
interactive cultural multimedia-projects
and movies

such as
What Did the Buddha Teach?
(for the Royal Mae Fah Luang Foundation, Thailand),
The Louvre in 3D
“Borobudur- Paths to Enlightenment”
( for the Government of Indonesia)

and his team.

A project
Conceived, created and produced
Titus Leber

Museum photography: Gert Chesi
3D imaging and aerial photography: Nik Eichelter
2D panorarama photography: Ali Meyer